Thursday morning an individual on a bike broke into 5 RV’s in our lot.  The police were notified and responded.
The Board met at an emergency meeting and made the following decisions:

  1. We have installed cameras in the RV lot and will be posting signs.
  2. The back gate will be open from 10am to 4pm until September 1. After this date, both gates will be closed all the time.  This will give people time to notify vendors to call them for entry.

The repaired and updated gate system is now fully operational so delivery drivers can call you from the gate phone to gain entrance when you press “9” on your phone.  FYI, when you order from Amazon there is a box to check which gives delivery instructions.

 The gates are updated and working

 1    Residents: To let someone in who is at the gate, and who has called you:
  • Press 9 on your home phone
  • There will be no confirmation message but the gate will open.
  • You can open the gate via cellphone if that is the number we have on file 
  • Only one phone number per household.

Guests: To enter by name
The control panel at the gate has an A and a Z button 
  • Push the A button. The directory starts in the middle and works up to A
  • OR  press the Z button and the directory starts in the middle and goes to Z
  • THEN press the CALL button
 3  Guests: To enter by lot number enter the lot number as a three digit number. If it is 50, then enter 050.
     THEN press the CALL button
  To enter by code press # and your 4-digit secret code


If your remote does not work change the battery first. Two coin batteries # 2032 are needed. Call Art Aske for a new remote if all else fails.


WG Garage Sale - Labor Day Weekend - Sept 4,5  Masks Will Be Required



Welcome to Water Gardens

Our Maple Valley Water Gardens community of 171 homes and a clubhouse was designed and built by a landscape artist. Our beautiful large common grounds and gracefully laid out residences and friendly streets are a continual joy to walk and live within. Our water features which include two waterfalls with ponds bring wildlife such as ducks, blue herons, eagles, and nocturnally racoons -- we are appropriately named "Water Gardens". Our streets are safe for folks to walk any hours of the day or night. We have many social activities on our community calendar, and many shopping opportunities in our larger communities of Maple Valley, Covington and Black Diamond. We have an optional lawn mowing service, and even have onsite RV storage on a sidestreet in our community. For those interested in night life or professional sports Seattle is only 40 minutes away. Those of us that live here, love living here :).

Water Gardens Owners Association


 A Sunny Day at the Community Center



Aerial view of our community